Debugging Kali Linux VBox

VBoxclient: Failed to get display change request

VBoxclient: failed to register resizing support.

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This post was prepared for resolving the VBoxClient error in Kali Linux. The steps to solve VBoxClient problem is same to all other Debian distributions.

VBoxclient: failed to register resizing support. 
VBoxclient: Failed to get display change request.

Why this error occurs ?

I came across issues when installing VirtualBox guest additions. When I tried to install the VB guest additions for Linux, I got a message saying “Failed to register resizing support, rc=VERR_INVALID_FUNCTION”.
Is this because I’m attempting to resize an RC.


You must want to reinstall the guest additions tools for resolving this.


  • Run VBox
  • Insert guest addition CD image
  • Change permissions for VBox Guest additions
  • Install VBox Guest additions
  • Reboot the system
  • Eject guest addition CD image
  • Change Resolution
  • Turn on Full screen Mode

Run VBox:

Open your virtual machine and run the Kali Linux. Let’s Kali started to running in small screen. Like the following image,

And its started to loading Kali’s logo in Small Screen.

Now, the login page was opened. Here enter your username and password.

Only now does the problem begin, It started to showing the following error.

VBoxclient: failed to register resizing support.
VBoxclient: Failed to get display change request.

It’s ok. Now the system was opened in a small screen.

Insert guest addition CD image:

In virtual box panel, it shows some options like File, machine, view, input, devices and help.

Click that fifth option devices and choose the last one “Insert guest additions CD image “

 Check in my system, the ‘VBox guest additions CD image’ was inserted to Desktop directory.

Change permissions for VBox Guest additions:

First open a terminal and change the directory to guest additions (/media/cdrom0)

Home@linuxlia:~# cd /media/cdrom0

Now change the permission of to read only file system by running the following command.

mk007@linuxlia/media/cdrom0:~# chmod 755

Alright now the permission of the file was changed. Right now you will able to install vbox guest additions tools.

Install VBox Guest additions:

Run the below command for downloading guest addition tools,

mk007@linuxlia/media/cdrom0:~# sh

Reboot the system:

After installing guest addition tools you must want tot restart your system.

Eject guest addition CD image:

After rebooting your system, you must want to eject that inserted CD image. Right click the cd image and eject it.

Alright, the guest addition tools are successfully installed. Next you want to change the display resolution.

Change resolution:

Open display settings in your system.

Here change the display’s resolution to your system’s maximum display resolution. My systems displays maximum resolution is 1360×768.

Turn on Full screen Mode:

Now turn on the full screen mode for enjoying the Kali in full screen.

In Virtual box top panel choose third option ‘view’. Here click full screen mode.

After the successful installation Kali Linux, Learn some thing about Pentesting.


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