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How to Install Whatsapp in Kali Linux

This post was prepared for guide you how to install Whatsapp in Kali Linux. The steps followed in this post is same to all other Debian distributions.

Official Whatsapp community don’t release anything for Linux. So whatsapp is not supported in Linux. So am going to install whatsdesk for using whatsapp in Linux.


WhatsDesk (Unofficial Whatsapp for linux) is released by Snap Store. It allows you to use Whatsapp in Linux, the same as how whatsapp working in Windows. So no worry about anything.

Snap Store:

Snap store is a graphical desktop application for discovering, installing and managing snaps on Linux. Simply snap store is a play store for Linux.

If you want to run Android Apps in Linux >>>>> AnBox– Android Emulator for Linux

Install Snapd:

Snapd is also known as Snappy. It is a software packaging and deployment system developed by Canonical for the operating systems that use the Linux kernel.

In terminal, run the following command for installing snapd.

mk007@linuxlia:~$ sudo apt-get update
mk007@linuxlia:~$ sudo apt-get install snapd
mk007@linuxlia:~$ sudo systemctl enable --now snapd apparmor

Install WhatsDesk:

After installing snapd run the following command for installing WhatsDesk.

mk007@linuxlia:~$sudo snap install whatsdesk

Whatsdesk was started to installing. Now is the time to take little break. Because I could not specify ‘how long it would take for complete it?’. Luckily for me the packages are downloaded in half an hour. Downloading speed is dependent on your system’s network speed. after this step you was ready to rock.


After the complete installation, execute it, using the following command.

mk007@linuxlia:~$ whatsdesk

Shit, I was encountered by the following error.

Command 'sudo' is available in '/snap/bin/sudo'
The command could not be located because '/snap/bin' is not included in the PATH      
environment variable.
snap: command not found

This error occurs due to to path variable mess up.


First of all change the directory to ‘/snap/bin’

mk007@linuxlia:~$ cd /snap/bin

Here run the following command for resolving this error.

mk007@linuxlia:~$ export PATH=$PATH:/snap/bin

Finally the shit was successfully resolved.

Now run whatsdesk,

mk007@linuxlia:~$ whatsdesk

Scan this QR code in your WhatsApp (Installed in Mobile).


If you have any doubts about this post please leave a comment otherwise ping me in Instagram. Am ready to solve your doubts.

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