Debugging Kali Linux Tutorial MK007  

How to Install Alien in Kali Linux

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This post was prepared for guide you how to resolve the following error and how to install Alien file converter in Kali Linux. The steps followed in this post is also same to all other Debian distributions.

package build failed. here's the log:
dh: error:specify sequence to run
make:***[debian/rules:7:binary]Error 25

Most of the peoples are encountered by this error,  during ZenMap installation.

Why this error occurs?

If you install alien via apt command, then the following error was occurs. So, first of all you need to remove this alien and install it in my method.

Resolving Steps:

  • Remove Alien
  • Download Alien Debian Packages

Remove Alien:

Run the following command for removing the packages installed via apt command.

mk007@linuxlia:$ sudo apt-get autoremove alien

Download Alien Debian Packages:

Download Alien deb packages in this site.

In terminal switch the directory to where was the debian packages are located.

mk007@linuxlia:$ cd Downloads

Here run the following command,

mk007@linuxlia:/Downloads$ sudo dpkg -i alien.deb


Alien is a tool, used for converting various file formats in Linux. Mainly its used for converting Debian (.deb) packages to RPM packages.

What is RPM Files?

RPM means RedHat Package Manager. RPM packages are containing arbitrary set of files.

What is DEB Files?

Deb is a abbreviation of Debian Packages, as opposed to source package.

File Conversion:

In this post I will teach you how to convert the following formats.

  • RPM to DEB
  • DEB to RPM


If you want to convert rpm packages to deb, then run the command in below format.

mk007@linuxlia:$ sudo alien package_name.rpm

The generated Debian package ownership was under root. You need to change the ownership of the file before you use it. Run the following command for changing ownership.

mk007@linuxlia:$ sudo chown -v 'username' genarated_package_name.deb



For converting Debian packages to rpm, run the command in below format.

mk007@linuxlia:$ sudo alien -r package_name.deb

The generated RPM package ownership is under root. Run the following command for changing the ownership of the file.

mk007@linuxlia:$ sudo chown -v 'username' genarated_package_name.rpm



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