Debugging Kali Linux Tutorial MK007  

Grub Boot loader Not showing in Dual Boot

How to Repair Grub Boot Load Error in Dual Boot

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    If you was dual booted Kali Linux with Windows 10 in UEFI BOIS Mode. The booting process of UEFI is completely different from Legacy BIOS. Do you find that Kali Linux is missing from boot menu options?.  If your system directly booted to Windows 10.

    This is what happened to me. The same thing happened to you? Yes, You have come to the right place. The steps followed in this post is same to all other Debian distributions

Why this error occurred?

    This error was occurred when the grub loader was not installed perfectly in your Linux distro. So you want to install the grub boot loader manually. When some people encounter this error they immediately think it is a big error and start to reboot.

    But here no need for rebooting your Linux distro.

Solution for Grub Boot Load Error:

    First of all you want to open Kali Linux for downloading the missed packages. Use Live USB stick or enter Kali Linux via Boot Menu (Turn on the system and press the boot key for entering boot menu. Here choose Kali Linux).

    Here you want to install the missed packages of grub boot loader. Now open a Terminal and run the following commands for installing Grub boot loader.

mk007@linuxlia:$ sudo mount /dev/sda* /mnt
mk007@linuxlia:$ sudo grub-install /dev/sda
mk007@linuxlia:$ update-grub

    After the complete installation of grub boot loader, shutdown your system and remove the USB stick carefully. Again turn on the system for checking the boot loader was installed or not. If it installed, then you can use the Kali Linux as usual. Otherwise you want to dual boot kali Linux again.

    We also have a tutorial about Kali Linux Dual Booting. Check it out.

       After the successful installation of Kali Linux. Learn something about Penetration Testing.


    If you have any doubts about this post please leave a comment otherwise ping me in Instagram. Am ready to solve your doubts.

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