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How to Install Parrot OS in VMWare Workstation

How to Install Parrot Security Linux in VMWare 16

Hi Geeks,

In this post, am going to show you how to install parrot Security OS in VMWare. Follow the steps showed in this post for the perfect installation.

    We also have a tutorial about dual booting Parrot Security with  Windows10.


RAM: 256MB for i386 and 320MB for amd64


Architecture: i386, amd64

Steps for Installing Parrot Security OS in VMWare:

  • Download Parrot IOS File
  • Setup VMWare
  • Install Parrot

Download Parrot IOS File:

 Go to the Official website of Parrot Security Linux and download the correct IOS file.

Download the security version of parrot Linux, because it contains all of the penetration testing tools and anonymous tools.

Downloading time is depending on your system network speed.

Setup VMWare:

  • Open VMWare and click ‘Create a new Virtual Machine’.

  • Choose the Installer disc image file path.

  •  Choose Linux as guest OS,  and choose Other Linux 5.x or later kernel 64-bit. Because Parrot Linux uses Linux kernel 5 and above.

  •  Choose the setting below according to your system specifications.

Install Parrot OS in VMWare:

Now Play the Virtual Machine.

If everything was successful and your system support VMs properly you will see this, select ‘Install’ option.

 Select second option ‘Install with GTK GUI’.

Now the Installation steps are begun. In first step choose the language you know.

 Here choose your location.

 Select the keyboard layout you needed for your system.

After completing the previous steps, now the Installation medium was started to loading.

 In this step set the password for your root account.

 Now setup the username and password for your account.

Now make the partitions for Parrot Security Linux. Just follow my instructions.

After the partition setup the parrot linux was started to installing.

 Now is the time to take little break. Because I could not specify ‘how long it would take for complete it?’. Luckily for me it booted in half an hour.

 Now the grub boot loader was opened. The booting options are listed here. Choose the first one and hit enter.

 Now your system was ready to rock. In our Site we have a tutorial about Parrot Security Linux. Check it out now.



If you have any doubts about this post please leave a comment otherwise ping me in Instagram. Am ready to solve your doubts.

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