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How to Dual Boot Parrot OS and Windows 10

How to Dual Boot Parrot OS and Windows 10

Hi Geeks,

In this post, am going to show you how to dual boot parrot os with Windows10. Follow the steps showed in this post for the perfect installation.

We also have a tutorial about ‘How to Install Parrot OS in VMWare’.



HDD: Minimum 30GB

Architecture: supports i386, amd64

Steps for Dual Booting Parrot OS:

  • Download Parrot IOS File
  • Download Etcher (Booter)
  • Make Bootable USB
  • Allocate Partition
  • Dual Boot
  • Recover USB

Download Parrot IOS File:

Go to the Official website of Parrot Security Linux and download the correct IOS file.

 Download the security version of parrot, because it contains all of the pentesting tools and anonymous tools.

 Downloading time is depending on your network speed.

Download BalenaEtcher:

BalenaEtcher is a free and open-source booter.

Download it on there Official Website and install it.

Make Parrot OS Bootable USB:

Open the booter and than choose the IOS file.

Insert the USB to your system (Required 4GB or 8GB)

Finally flash the IOS File to the USB.

Now the Bootable USB was ready to boot.

Allocate Partition for Parrot OS:

Open this PC settings and Allocate the partition for Parrot Linux.

Choose the disk where you want to shrink the space.

Enter the amount of space you want to shrink.

Now the shrink space for Parrot OS is in the form of Unallocated Format.

Dual Boot Parrot OS:

It’s the time to Boot.

  • Insert the USB in your System.

  • Power on the system and press the Boot Key. (For me Boot key is F12)
  • Choose the Booted USB.

Now the Parrot Security’s boot option menu was opened. Here choose Live Mode option and click enter.

In this menu choose the language you need and hit enter. 

Choose the location.

Right now choose the Keyboard Layout which is good for you.

Now make the partitions for Parrot Security Linux.

 Now set the user profile.

Finally make sure the information you provided is correct. Click install if correct.

 Now is the time to take little break. Because I could not specify ‘how long it would take for complete it?’. Luckily for me it booted in half an hour.

Now the grub boot loader was opened. The booting options are listed here. Choose the first one and hit enter.

Finally the Parrot Security was booted successfully.

Recover USB:

After the booting, you want to recover the USB for normal use. So open command prompt in Windows10 and run the following commands for formatting your USB.

> diskpart
> list disk
> select disk 'n'
> clean
> create partition primary
> select partition 1
> format fs=ntfs quick
> assign letter f

Finally the USB was successfully recovered.


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