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How to Install Android Studio in Linux 2021

Step by Step Guide for Installing Android Studio in Kali Linux

Hi Geeks,

In this post, am going to show how to install android studio in Kali Linux. The steps followed in this post is same to all other Linux distributions.

Android Studio:

Android Studio is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android. Built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software and designed for Android development.

Steps for Installing Android Studio:

  • Download and extract Android studio zip file.
  • Install  Android studio.
  • Setup and download necessary packages.
  • Add Android studio icon to desktop.

Download and extract Android studio zip file:

Download speed is dependent on your system’s network speed. After downloading extract the zip file.

Install Android studio:

  • Open the terminal and switch the directory to where the extracted file was located. Also switch the directory to bin directory.
mkk007@linuxlia:~ cd /Downloads/AndroidStudio/Bin
  • Now run the following commend for executing Android studio.
mk007@linuxlia:~/androidstudio/bin $ ./

Setup and download necessary packages:

  • Now Android studio setup menu was opened. Here click OK.

  • Now the packages are started to configure. Wait patiently for complete configuration.

  • I want to setup Android studio with standard configuration. So, I choose first option. Otherwise you want to setup Android studio manually. Then choose second option.

  • Now choose the theme which one suits for android studio. I will prefer for Darcula Theme. Because personally I love Darcula.

  • Right now, The important packages needed for android studio was listed. Download those packages by clicking OK.

Now is the time to take little break. Because I could not specify ‘how long it would take for complete it?’. Luckily for me the packages are downloaded in half an hour. Downloading speed is dependent on your system’s network speed. after this step your studio was ready to rock.

Add Android studio icon to Desktop:

  • Open android studio App and click Configure.
  • Here click ‘Create Desktop Entry’ option.

  • Click ‘OK’ for adding android studio icon to the desktop.

Now your system was ready for android development. Check out the Android Studio Tutorial for becoming a successful developer.


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