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Failed to Execute Default Web Browser | BeEF-XSS

How to Install BeEF-XSS in Kali Linux 2021

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During BeEF-XSS  installation most of the users are encountered by this error “Failed to execute Default web browser”. So this post was prepared for guiding you how to fix this error and how to install BeEF-XSS properly.

Failed to execute default web browser


  • What is BeEF-XSS?
  • Why this error occurred?
  • Remove the Packages (Downloaded via APT Command)
  • Install BeEF-XSS (Proper Method)

Why this error occurred?

If you tried to install BeEF using APT commend. Then you was encountered by this error (Failed to Execute Default Web Browser). Via APT command you doesn’t able to install or download all the packages of BeEF-XSS. So this is the only reason why this error was occurred.

Remove the Packages:

So, first of all you want to remove the packages downloaded via APT command. Open a terminal and run the following commands for removing the packages..

mk007@linuxlia:~$ sudo apt-get autoremove beef
mk007@linuxlia:~$ sudo apt-get autoremove beef-xss

What is BeEF?

BeEF is short for The Browser Exploitation Framework. It is a penetration testing tool that focuses on the web browser.

Install Beef-XSS (Proper method)


  • Clone Git Packages
  • Set up BeEF-XSS
  • Change Default Username and Password
  • Execute BeEF-XSS

Clone Git Packages:

The proper way to installing BeEF-XSS is using Git.

Open a terminal and run the following command for download Git packages of BeEF-XSS.

mk007@linuxlia:~$ git clone

Set up BeEF-XSS:

Now switch the directory to cloned directory.

Here run the following command for installing BeEF-XSS packages.

mk007@linuxlia:~$ sudo ./install

Press ‘Y’ for and hit enter for downloading packages. Downloading speed is dependent on your system’s network speed.

Now all the packages are installed successfully. But RubyGem was missing.

Run the following command for installing RubyGem,

mk007@linuxlia:~$ bundle install

Alright, It’s the time to executing BeEF.

Run the following command for executing BeEF-XSS.

mk007@linuxlia:~$ sudo ./beef

Change Default Username and Password:

Before executing BeEF-XSS, you want to change the default username and password in config.yaml.

In terminal run the following command,

mk007@linuxlia:~$ sudo nano config.yaml

In this file change the default username and password of BeEF-XSS and save it.

Press Ctrl+O for saving the file and Press Ctrl+X for exit.

Execute BeEF-XSS:

Finally, its time to execute BeEF-XSS.

Open a terminal and switch the directory to BeEF-XSS and run the following command.

mk007@linuxlia:~$ cd beef
mk007@linuxlia:~ /beef $ sudo ./beef

Copy the UI URL and open it in your web browser.

Here enter the username and password you changed in config.yaml file.

After the successful installation of BeEF-XSS. Learn something about Penetration Testing.


If you have any doubts about this post please leave a comment otherwise ping me in Instagram. Am ready to solve your doubts.

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