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How to Add Icons to Gnome Desktop in Kali Linux

Gnome Extension for Desktop Icon

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This post was prepared for show you how to add icons to gnome desktop in Kali Linux. In gnome desktop there is no inbuilt option for adding icons. So you want to add gnome extensions for adding icons to the desktop.

Gnome Extensions:

GNOME Shell Extensions is a collection of extensions providing additional and optional functionality to GNOME Shell.


  • Download and Add Gnome extensions in your browser.
  • Install Desktop icon Extension.

Download and Add Gnome extensions:

Open a web browser in your system and go to gnome extensions official site. In this site one pop up was opened. Here click the ‘Click here to install Browser Extensions’.

again one popup was opened. Here click the ‘Continue to Installation’.

Now the extensions was started to installing.

Right now, the extensions was successfully installed.

Click ‘Add’ for adding the extensions to the browser.

Alright the extensions was successfully added to the Browser. Now refresh the page.

Now click the search bar and search ‘Desktop Icon’. 

Open the first one.

Click ‘ON’ for adding this extension to your desktop.

Finally the icons was successfully added to the desktop.

If you encountered by the following error,

During this method if you was encountered by the following error.


This error was occurred due to gnome panel. In XFCE4 Desktop during installing Tor, am doesn’t face any errors. In gnome’s new version the permission of the panel was completely changed. So you don’t have permission to add any third party icons to the panel. so you was failed to add plugin or icon to the panel.


You have two ways to resolve this bug,

Read full post here.


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