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How to access root files in user account via Terminal in Kali Linux

Root Access in User Account

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In this post I am going to show you how to open root file manager in user account via terminal. Through this way you will able to access or modifying the root files in user account. So no need to login in root account for accessing or modifying there files. The steps to do this is, same to all other linux distributions.

Two Ways:

  • SuperUser Access
  • Thunar

SuperUser (or) RootUser:

In Linux, the superuser is a special user account used for system administration. Depending on Linux operating system, the actual name of this account might be root.

Only in root account you was able to make changes in default system packages.

What is SuperUser Permission (or) Grant Root Access:

In User Account you don’t have permission to make changes in system default packages (Use Thunar File Manager, it helps you). But you want to make changes, then every time you need to type SUDO SU for getting permission or root access. It was the annoying one for lot of users.

If you want to avoid to type SUDO SU every time. Then set up Grant Root Access in your user account. Follow the below steps for Grant Root Access.

How to Get SuperUser Permission?

Steps for Grant root Access:

The steps are same to all Debian Distributions.

  • Install Kali-Grant-Root
  • Reconfigure Kali-Grant-Root
  • Edit .Bashrc
  • Reboot

Read the full post here.


Thunar (Root File Manager)

Thunar is a file manager for Linux and other Unix-like systems, initially written using the GTK+ 2 toolkit and later ported to the GTK+ 3 toolkit. It started to ship with Xfce in version 4.4 RC1 and later.


  • Installation
  • Run Thunar

How to Install Thunar ?

Open a terminal and run the following command for installing it,

mk007@Linuxlia:~# sudo apt-get install thunar

Run Thunar:

Open a terminal and run the following commend for opening Thunar,

mk007@Linuxlia:~# sudo thunar

Now you was able to access the root files in your user account.


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