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Kali Linux

Here you can learn all about Kali Linux and how to use it like a pro and solutions to the bugs faced by most users.

Surf web with Parrot

Here are the posts about Parrot Security Linux and tips to how to surf web anonymously like a pro and solutions to the bugs faced by most users.


Wine enables you to run Windows Applications on a Linux box. It’s just a Windows emulator on top of Linux.

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PyCharm is an integrated development environment used in computer programming, specifically for the Python language. Installing PyCharm is pretty simple.


This post was prepared for guide you how to solve  “Was not possible to install The Packages Labeled (Not Ok) in this list above” error and how to install Fatrat without error. Follow the steps carefully for perfect installation.


 In gnome desktop there is no inbuilt option for adding icons. So you want to add gnome extensions for adding icons to the desktop.


The Xfce Panel is part of the Xfce Desktop Environment and features application launchers, panel menus, a workspace switcher and more. This post was prepared for guiding you how to reset xfce4 panel or top panel settings to default settings

Penetration Testing

Here are the posts about Penetration Testing for beginners and Professional to help them understand the basics of pentesting.

Desktop Environment

Here are the posts about Linux Desktop environment like XFC4 Desktop, Gnome Desktop, KDE Plasma and tips to how to customize it.

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       The place to fix unresolved Linux Bugs. Here more chance to find a solution to the error you encountered in Linux. More than 300 bugs have been fixed here.

Top 12 Things to Do After Installing Kali Linux 2021.1

Kali Linux, by default, probably doesn’t have everything for your workflow. You just have to customize the Kali you want. With the following few tips, tricks, and applications, you can quickly customize your Kali.

How to Install Parrot Security Linux in VMWare 16

Download the security version of parrot Linux, because it contains all of the penetration testing tools and anonymous tools.

Gnome Desktop All in One Guide for Kali Linux

This all in one guide contain the following contents.

  • Install
  • Update
  • Reset
  • Delete
  • Switch environment in Lock Screen
  • Add icon in Gnome Desktop

All in one Repository guide for Kali Linux

All the Linux distros have separated repositories. The system was connected to there rolling distributions via repositories. Each repositories are have separate job or access. Via this repositories you able to access your Linux distributions packages.

Get Root Access in User Account without Typing SUDO SU

In User Account you don’t have permission to make changes in system default packages. But you want to make changes, then every time you need to type SUDO SU for getting permission or root access.If you want to avoid to type SUDO SU every time. Then set up Grant Root Access in your user account.

I turn coffee into code

Most Trusted Debugger in YouTube. Linux Users Choice for Debugging. Simply this is the channel to learn all about Linux.


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